Russia with Love

Helping in the transition from a Communist society and building permanent ties of friendship

Connie Meyer
Connie Meyer works to assist the poor in Moscow.
May 2006 Travelers
Russia with Love travelers to Moscow May 2006: John Wilhelm, Andy Strodman, Bill Anderson and Linda Speck. Father Pavel is at the right.
Visiting Irina's home
Three Russia with Love visitors at the home of Irina, Dmitri and Kirill. Irina is a widow receiving aid from the RWL group.
Dr. John Wilhelm
Dr. John Wilhelm, Ph. D. is the chairman of the Russia with Love committee.
His background is in economics, with emphasis on Russian affairs.
Fixing Sunday School Lunch
Mothers fixing Sunday School lunch. We pay for the food and have 2 teachers of embroidery and bobbins.
Kids eating lunch
Here are the kids enjoying their lunch.
Church outside
The church "Vera, Nadezda, Lubog & Sophia" which means Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Wisdom where F. Pavel is serving. The Sunday School belongs to this church.
Church alter
The main altar in the church Vera, Nadezda, Lubof & their Mother Sophia.
Church wedding
F. Pavel conducting a wedding in the church.